The new Nova Verta smart equipment to optimize performance

Nova Verta International S.p.A. annually presents the innovations that improve its spray booths performance. The objective is to achieve the highest quality standards, reduce time and energy consumption. Here are the Smart Equipment that Nova Verta have been recently introduced in the product range.

New Wind System

wind systemThe WIND SYSTEM improves flash and cure times by evenly increasing air velocity within the paint booth providing an extra boost to air movement that is particularly useful when using waterborne coatings.

Ceiling filters channel pre-filtered cabin air through ductwork to specially-designed blowers located on the exterior of the paint booth. The adjustable blowers on the wall panels expedite air velocity up to nine times faster than standard booth air flow and distribute the amplified air.

The Wind System, while designed for waterborne materials, also accelerates flashing and curing times on solvent-based materials. No matter what material you use, Wind System is engineered to help you to increase job throughput and use less energy per job. That means Wind System helps increase ever-diminishing profit margins by increasing your overall production.

Testing results with products from major coating manufactures prove typical performing results:

  • Flash time reduction: Up to 50%
  • Curing time reduction: up to 60%
  • Energy saving: up to 30%

New Led Lighting System – EX Series

EX is the world’s first LED lamp for specific use inside painting booths. Each part has been researched and designed with the single goal of providing the best lighting on the market for this sector.

new led

Its special characteristics meet the lighting needs required by this kind of application:

  • Certified light: Its special structure is designed to ensure a risk free environment. Colour rendering avoids eyestrain, preventing vision problems for the operator.
  • Structure: The structure of the lamp in painted aluminium, with fastening components in stainless steel and equipped with 4mm tempered glass, is designed ad hoc to allow it to be built into the wall and guarantee total compatibility with the previous neon light structures. The structure is IP67 protected, according to EN-60529 regulation, and ensures protection from dust.
  • Painting: The lamp is treated with totally fireproof dye products.
  • High colour rendering: The colour of Daylight light combined with CR175 optimises the colour rendering and provides the best solution to control the quality of the paint spraying.
  • Performance: Power LED light designed to optimize the diffusion of light, favouring power and duration over time. We have designed the colour of the best light, Daylight with CRI75, to optimize colour rendering and provide the best solution to control quality and a better identification of the painting defects. The POWER LEDs used produce no stroboscopic effect and do not cause eyestrain, preventing tiredness and visual problems during paint spraying operations.
  • I.D.S. System: The I.D.S. (Integrated Driver System) makes it possible to connect directly in 24 Vdc, without the addition of further components, in agreement with the international low voltage standards. It is also possible to connect the lamp by means of a 230V switching unit.
  • Cost-efficency technology: The exceptional duration of the light source, more than 50,000 hours, does away with the need to replace it during the life of the booth. The technology used guarantees a minimum energy saving of 50% compared with a traditional fluorescent light and, in contrast to neon tubes, it ensures a steady luminous flux over time, maintaining the same luminous efficacy.
  • Assembly: Thanks to its structure, the EX assembly times are five times shorter than those of a traditional fluorescent ceiling fixture, which will save a considerable amount of time and money.

The new Basement 150 mm

The Basement of Nova Verta Spray Booths and Preparation Areas is the structure used for the air flow and dust or paint intake, it is present in all spray booths and preparation areas produced by Nova Verta.

new basement

The structures placed under spray booths and preparation areas are called “basements”, they are necessary to enable the outward flow of the stale air and the deposit of the dust and overspray in the sub-grid filters, preventing their dispersion in the atmosphere. It is easy to understand that the role they are playing in the paint installations at the highest levels in Down Draft technology, as those produced by Nova Verta International, is very important.

The company presents different kind of basements, the choice amongst them depends on the planned investment, on the expected final result and on the available spaces. The new Nova Verta basement, born to meet the needs of its customers and characterized by a lower height, allows the construction of a smaller and less bulky ramp.




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