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Nova Verta Italian high quality for a new installation in Switzerland

A new Nova Verta plant has recently been installed in Switzerland; a project specifically created to ensure efficiency, constant innovation and top performances. The Conquer 7460 spray booth stands out for its Italian high quality and the new technology concentration that make it unique.

Here are the innovative equipment that ensures excellent performances:

  • New 150 mm basement: to allow the outflow of exhaust air from the inside outwards and the dust or overspray deposit in the filters, thus preventing their dispersion into the atmosphere.
  • All-glass frontal: the glass windows of the doors give a more attractive appearance to the plant and, at the same time, allow a better monitoring of the operations inside the booth.
  • New Wind System: a special equipment able to improve the times of the flash-off and baking, providing an extra boost to air movement that’s particularly useful when using waterborne coatings.cabina-di-verniciatura-svizzera_4
  • LED Lighting: ensures high accuracy thanks to a natural brightness never achieved before by traditional neon. Minimum consumption and long life are essential qualities that increase the already high performances of Nova Verta booths.
  • Inverters System: fundamental to reduce the airflow in all those phases that can be performed without compromising the quality of the painting, involving a saving in terms of both fuel and electricity
  • Touch Screen Panel: all functions of the spray booth are controlled with one touch, facilitating the work of operators who can interact with timeliness and responsiveness.

Like all Nova Verta spray booths, from the simplest to the most complex, this new plant has been designed, built and installed according to strict anti-pollution standards for the environment protection and workers’ safety at all stages of processing.




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